Cloud Kitchen Service

Do you want to take your flavor to new neighborhoods with zero cost?

Use our kitchen to build and expand your restaurant business.

Our kitchen crew are cross-trained to cook each brand which increases efficiency, reduces your labor and eliminates your overhead costs. All you need to do is share your culinary vision with us and we will bring it to life in our fully-staffed delivery kitchen to fulfill your on-demand orders.

Why Work with Us?

Let’s team up with you to take your foods to new neighborhoods

Lower your Overhead

The ability to reach.

Scale across Nigeria & Globally

Expand to new demographics

Gain Marketing Intelligence & Efficiency

Measure what works for

Backed by Our Technology Suite

Experience data-driven

We will be an extension of your brand.

Great foods start with good ingredients!

We source produce from our chemical free farms. We have brought hydroponics farming into the kitchen to let you, our customers know that our food is safe and healthy. We seek to be transparent with our processes and found that a fresh farm-to-fork lifestyle was one that brought smile and trust into every meal.

Our indoor hydroponics farms, driven by data and AI, allows us a 365-day planting cycle so we can cook your customers’ meals all year round, and stay kind to our planet.

Great foods end with good packaging!

Using a combination of the vegetative part of mushrooms called "mycelium" and agricultural waste, we make a natural alternative to fossil fuel-produced packaging, that is fully biodegradable in around 45 days. Our goal is to significantly reduce the harm toxic food packaging are causing to consumers and to the planet, while encouraging a world where waste streams regenerate, rather than destroy our natural environment.

Solving global climate through our food.
Let’s do it together!